Day 01 – Getting back at it and Diet Testing

It’s been a awhile since I’ve tested some diets / lifestyle plans. I’m writing today as I’m going to be going through version 1 of the Steele Diet based off of some past success I’ve had with some other diets.

My goal is to lose a bit of weight and gain some lean muscle, but ultimately change my outlook on how I consume foods / beverages. It’s pretty easy to try a diet for a couple weeks and then stop. I’d like to be able to find a sustainable model for healthy living and still be able to enjoy the things I love to eat and drink.

For tracking purposes I’ll be posting various metrics as I progress to help you in your journey to a better lifestyle. For today I’m going to start simply with my weight: 176.8 lbs

It’s safe to say that I’m done with Diet Testing, however this next month I will be tweaking some of the foods and beverages I consume for a more defined approach to leveraging the Steele Diet for beginners. I get a ton of questions on how it works so this time a round I’m going to build out the framework so others can reap the benefits of my testings.

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